About Us

When you’re shopping for a gift, it’s hard to go wrong with chocolate. Candy Man Inc. has exactly what you need, no matter what the event or occasion. We’ve been in the treat business since the 80s, and we know what tastes best. Explore our chocolate store’s online catalog or visit our physical location in Kennesaw, Georgia, to see our sweets in person.

A Passion for Sweets

Founder Miss Lily Barnes created “The Bon Bon Boutique” in 1981, where she made and sold delicious handcrafted chocolates. When her husband Billy began to share those chocolates with friends and acquaintances, he gained a new nickname: “The Candy Man.”

In 2000, Miss Lily became ill and was unable to keep managing her business. Billy stepped in to help run the shop. When Billy retired, the shop became his new passion; their shared love of chocolate led them to change its name to “Candy Man Inc.”

Soon after Miss Lily passed away in 2005, their grandson Nick joined the Candy Man Inc. team. On August 1, 2016, Billy went on to join Miss Lily and Nick moved to New York City. Today, Billy and Lily’s son Blane, along with his wife Teresa, carry on the family tradition and keep their dream going strong.

Chocolate 30 Years in the Making

Discover the difference decades of passion can make in your favorite chocolate sweets. Our chocolate store has had plenty of time to fine-tune our process – that’s why we think you’ll love any truffle, cookie, or piece of fudge you purchase. All of our products are handmade and packaged in the United States. Share Miss Lily’s love of sweets with your loved ones today!

Contact our gourmet chocolate store to place an order, or to request more information about our process. We serve customers from our store in Kennesaw, Georgia, and offer fast shipping throughout the United States for orders placed in our online store.